ISD First Roundtable Dialogue Forum

Jakarta, 6 October 2014

ISD First Roundtable Dialogue Forum

Jakarta, October 6, 2014

Indonesia Services Dialogue (ISD) held the first Roundtable on October 6th, 2014 in Jakarta. The meeting was attended by stakeholders from the Government (Ministry of Trade as the Ministerial coordinator, Fiscal Policy Agency – BKF, Ministry of Finance, OJK, and BKPM), research institutions, donor agencies, and the private sector. The main agenda was to introduce ISD as a new institution which provides a more strategic and integrated approach to the development of the efficiency and growth in the services sectors in Indonesia. The event is also aimed to encourage closer and more strategic relationship with regulators and companies that provide services and utilizes services in the production line, as well as sharing their challenges and opportunities.

ISD has shown during the First Roundtable Dialogue Forum that ISD represents a forum for business, government and individual stakeholders involved in services and can foster new evidence-based economic research on the services sectors. The Ministry of Trade (MoT) of Republic of Indonesia has also confirmed its endorsement to the ISD and acknowledgement of ISD’s effort to support MoT in formulating trade, investment, and regulatory policies to enhance services quality and efficiency and to proactively negotiate bilateral, regional and international trade agreements in the services sectors.

Similar with another Coalitions of Industry in USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Caribbean Islands, ISD aims to become an established institution and network in Indonesia, which will promote growth and greater efficiency in services sector.