ISD-Minister of Trade RI-Chief Editor Forum

Jakarta, 2 July 2015

ISD-Minister of Trade RI-Chief Editor Forum

Jakarta, July 2nd 2015. Nine Chief Editors from national mass media (AntaraBisnis IndonesiaCNN IndonesiaInvestor DailyKompasKontan, Koran SindoMedia Indonesia, and The Jakarta Post) attended a friendly dialogue forum with Minister of Trade Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Rachmat Gobel, and Indonesia Services Dialogue (ISD). Taken place at Ministry of Trade RI Building, this forum underlines key messages from Mr. Rachmat Gobel: the importance of Indonesia’s services sectors.

This forum was also attended by Mr. Bachrul Chairi (The Director General for International Trade Cooperation, Ministry of Trade RI), Amb. Gusmardi Bustami (Special Staff to Minister of Trade RI), Mr. Gunaryo, the Secretary General of Ministry of Trade RI, Ms. Sondang Anggraini (Expert Staff to Minister of Trade RI), Mr. Chris Kanter (The Chairman of the Board of ISD), Ms. Sinta Sirait (Executive Director of ISD), and also numerous stakeholders from Ministry of Trade RI, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), and ISD.

“It is very common for services sectors to be overlooked by most of the people. People tend to look at manufacturing and goods production as main sources of economic growth. The fact is, in only ten years, from 2000 to 2010, services sectors have created 21.7 million jobs, whilst manufacturing only created 2.2 million job opportunities in the same period,” said Mr. Rachmat Gobel while explaining services sectors’ contribution toward job creation.

Qualified human capital is very important following the upcoming ASEAN Economic Community (AEC),” added Mr. Rachmat Gobel.

Mr. Rachmat Gobel states that Indonesia is currently negotiating at Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and World Trade Organization (WTO).

Mr. Chris Kanter then briefly introduced ISD to the Chief Editors, mentioning the strategic role of ISD in facilitating cross-sectoral dialogue.

“ISD facilitates private sectors and the Government to build productive dialogues, which will result on policy harmonization and better economic climate. ISD figures out the fact based on its members’ experience and communicates them with the policy maker. During the first semester of 2015, ISD has been conducting four Dialogue Series with four different themes and comes up with practical recommendations,” said Mr. Chris Kanter.

Following the explanation of Mr. Chris Kanter, Mr. Bachrul Chairi underscored three simple steps in bringing optimum potential for Indonesia’s services sectors.

“First of all, we must know our potential or strength in services sectors. Secondly, we must have similar and mutual understanding about services sectors. Thirdly, we must formulate a supportive policy in services sectors and know how to negotiate in international level,” said Mr. Bachrul Chairi.

Many relevant issues were discussed in the forum, such as which services sectors bring the most impact, pros and cons of professional certifications, trade in services, potential of medical tourism, education services, Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA), and national strategy to make President Jokowi-VP Kalla’s Nawa Cita a big success.

“Regarding massive number of urbanization each year, trade of goods and trade of services will constantly grow. Therefore it is very strategic for Ministry of Trade RI to have clear documentation about services’ contribution toward the whole economy by sectors. The Ministry should also have clear blueprint about developing ‘champion’ sectors in the services sectors,” closed Mr. Primus Dorimulu, Chief Editor of Investor Daily.

Meanwhile, Budiman Tanuredjo, Chief Editor of Kompas, added, “Professional certification can be used as a non-tariff barrier, is it beneficial or not for Indonesia?” This is a question that we all need to ponder and act upon.