ISD Services Week 2017: Optimalisasi Peran Sektor Jasa di Daerah dalam Mendukung Perekonomian Nasional

Surabaya, 9-11 March 2017

ISD Services Week 2017: Optimalisasi Peran Sektor Jasa di Daerah dalam Mendukung Perekonomian Nasional

Surabaya, March 9—11 2017. Extending the role of services sectors in Indonesia’s economy, especially in national level, would not be enough without embracing local potentials. This year, ISD chose Surabaya, the capital city of East Java, as the host of ISD Services Week 2017. In this three-days event, ISD reinforced the importance of local initiatives in generating employment, contributing to national economic growth, and facilitating export of various services sectors.

The first day of ISD Services Week 2017 Program was opened by ISD Executive Team’s visit to PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.’s Center of Entrepreneurship, Pandaan, East Java, which at time has trained and transformed hundreds of local people into successful business owners. The Center of Entrepreneurship lives the credo “Dua Jam Belajar, Dunia di Tanganmu” (Two Hours of Study, The World in Your Hand). The credo motivates its participants to learn some practical skills such as plant cultivation, waste management, and opmization of livestock, and provides real opportunities for them to start the business afterwards.

The second day of ISD Services Week 2017 was deemed to focus on the introduction and/or promotion of innovative ideas in services and services-related sectors. The attendance of ISD Members (PT HM Sampoerna Tbk., Kuehna+Nagel, MAERSK Indonesia, PT Tira Austenite Tbk., PT Tripatra Engineers, HighScope Indonesia, Roosdiono & Partners) signified the essence of the program, which emphasized the full participation of ISD Members (including Board of Founders) in showcasing their innovation and its role to the development of national services sectors.

The third day was signified by the ISD Public Forum attended by 400 participants. ISD Public Forum featured nine distinguished Speakers: Dr. (HC) Ir. Tri Rismaharini (Mayor of Surabaya), Professor Mari Elka Pangestu (ISD Board of Advisors), Ir. Herliza (Director, the Ministry of Trade Republic of Indonesia), Rosanto Dwi Handoyo, Ph.D. (Academician, FEB Universitas Airlangga), Yos Adiguna Ginting, Ph.D. (Director, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. & ISD Board of Founders), Dr. Ir. Jamhadi (Chairman, KADIN Surabaya), Selo Winardi, MBA. (President Director, PT Tira Austenite Tbk. & ISD Board of Founders), Daniel A. Van Tuijll (Maritime Specialist, the World Bank Indonesia), and Joseph Pangalila, MBA. (President Director, PT Tripatra Engineers & ISD Board of Directors).

ISD Public Forum underscored the role of local services sectors in supporting national economic growth. In the Keynote Speech, Dr. Tri Rismaharini mentioned about how services sectors grew rapidly in Surabaya (services accounts for 77% of Surabaya’s GDP), especially through some Small-Medium Enterprises in printing, design, and internet marketing sector. Surabaya also has the program named “Pejuang Ekonomi” (Hero of Economy), which granted special recognition to successful SMEs in terms of society empowerment.

Professor Mari Elka Pangestu mentioned about the strategic importance of Surabaya in East Java Province’s economy. In 2013, it was recorded that even though Surabaya only contributed to 7% of total population of East Java, Surabaya contributed to 18% of the East Java’s GDP. Professor Mari also exposed the “Surabaya Smart City” concept as the trigger to greater services sectors that incorporated Telecommunication and Information Technology sectors. In the first place, Professor Mari believed that Surabaya has a very big potential for digital creative industry such as web and graphic design.

On another hand, Ir. Herliza showed the role of the Government in various regional and international negotiations in terms of providing a fairer “playground” for various services sectors to have a better competitiveness and open new market access. Ir. Herliza underlined the importance of public-private strategic partnership in order to have better insights when it comes to striving for the so-called national interest.

In the last Presentation session, Daniel A. Van Tuijll shared that high logistic cost is the key impediment to Indonesia’s competitiveness. Inter-city and inter-island connectivity is very critical given the status of Indonesia as an archipelago. While Professor Mari gave strategic importance to “creative economy” as an entry point to greater services, Daniel A. Van Tuijll believed that logistic is the very key for a more efficient services.